Head Over Heels

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June 01, 2018 - January 06, 2019

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2:15 hrs

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An inspired mash-up of posh and punk, Head Over Heels is an Elizabethan romp about a royal family that must prevent an oracle’s prophecy of doom.

To save their kingdom, the family embarks on a journey where they are faced with mistaken identities, love triangles, sexual awakening and self-discovery.

Set to the iconic pop music of The Go-Go’sHead Over Heels delivers an experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

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June 01, 2018 - January 06, 2019

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Hudson Broadway Theatre
139 - 141 West 44th Street
New York City, NY 10036

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Public Transportation

By Bus: QM15, QM16, QM17 and QM18 – drops off at 44th Street & 6th Avenue

By Subway: Nearly all trains stop within 2 blocks of the theatre (FMBD on 6th Ave & 42nd Street and 1/2/3/N/R/Q/W/7/S at Broadway & 42nd Street)

Additional Accessibility Details

Wheelchairs: Wheelchair seating is located in the Orchestra only. For assistance, please call (646) 975-4626.

Seating: Seating is accessible to all parts of the Orchestra without steps. There are several small sets of stairs to get to the Dress Circle. There is 3 flights of stairs to the Balcony. Hand rails are available at every stepped seat row

Elevator\Escalator: There is an elevator that takes you from the main entrance to the Dress Circle level. The elevator does not go to the Balcony level (several banks of steps are required to reach the Balcony).

Parking: Valet parking garage directly across from the theatre

Curb Ramps: Available in front of the venue.

Entrance: The main entrance is ADA Accessible.

Box Office: ADA Accessible ramp from sidewalk into Box Office; ADA Accessible window.

Restroom: There are ADA Accessible restrooms on the Orchestra and Dress Circle levels. There are a total of 27 toilets in the venue.

Water Fountain: A water fountain is available in the Dress Circle and the Balcony.

Telephone: There is complimentary public Wifi throughout the theatre.

Assisted Listening System: Reservations are not necessary. Devices may be picked up in the Box Office lobby. Drivers license or ID with printed address required as a deposit.

Visual Assistance: For assistance with ADA seating, please call (646) 975-4626.

Folding Armrests: For assistance with ADA seating, please call (646) 975-4626.

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Reviews (3)

To enjoy Head Over Heels, which offers quite a lot to enjoy, it is probably best to kick up your heels and put your head on hold. That’s not to say that this saucy, boisterous musical doesn’t have a brainy side, starting with its ambitious crossbreeding of four time periods: It grafts a 2010s queer sensibility onto songs from the 1980s—by the all-girl pop-punk quintet the Go-Go’s (plus two hits from lead singer Belinda Carlisle’s solo career)—and fits them into a 16th-century story that is set in ancient Greece. The dialogue, in iambic pentameter liberally sprinkled with thou and thee, contrasts amusingly with the unornamented lyrics of such go-to Go-Go’s bops as “Vacation,” “Our Lips Are Sealed” and “We Got the Beat.


If the premise of Head Over Heels sounds a little nutso, that’s because the show is a lot nutso, in the most delightfully daffy, exuberantly heart-open way. It’s an often clever, always loving send-up of our lasting penchant for the theatrical age of poetry and pumpkin pants, and a mischievous, meaningful twist on the Elizabethan era’s obsession with gender-play. In other words, Head Over Heels is joyfully queering the canon (which isn’t all that straight to begin with) and throwing a heady, hearty party while it’s at it.


The most groundbreaking new musical on Broadway is based on a long 16th-century prose work and uses the songs of the 1980s new-wave punk band The Go-Go's. Surprised? You're not alone. Head Over Heels at the Hudson Theatre, could end up being the biggest shocker of the still-nascent 2018-19 season. An uproarious romp inspired by Sir Philip Sidney's Arcadia, Head Over Heels is not only a sterling example of inclusivity, but also a beautiful model of how progressive Broadway has the potential to be.